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  • About us

    Candyboxrussia is your sweetest

    monthly box of confectionary. We assemble boxes

    of Russian chocolate,bonbons and other candies and

    deliver them worldwide!

    Please subscribe to receive boxes with always new

    and still always yummy candies every month!

    We send only the freshest sweets straight form

    Russian confectionary factories!

    Subscribe for several monthly boxes beforehand

    and get a discount!

    Special Offer

    Invite your friends and get the box for FREE!
    What you need to do?
    Invite your friends
    When your 3 Friends will buy our boxes

    You will get the Medium box fo FREE
    More friends more free boxes!

    How it works?
    - Your friend subscribe on (buy) our box
    - You will send us there 3 names or emails ( who buy boxes )

    - You get the box for FREE

    If you want the box for free just invite more friends!)

    *Please note we will sent free box only

    after we recive the payments

    (without cancelation) from your friends

    A PLAN
    Select your favorite subscription plan. The shipping is free and you can cancel anytime.
    At the beginning of every month we will prepare your box and send it to you!
    Your monthly box filled with yummy items arrives to you! We appreciate your feedback a lot! Feel free to tell us if you liked it or not!
  • Original sweet box

    Try New Russian sweets every month! ( All Photos only for example )

    What you can find in the box?

     4-5 different types of sweets
    1 mini chocolate

    When we will ship out the box?

    All boxes ship out between the 3-7s of each month

    Choose your Subscription plan:

    1 month - 26$
    3 months - 72$ (25$ per month)

    Price: $26
    Sweet & snack box

    Try New Russian sweets & snacks every month! ( All Photos only for example )

    What can you find in the box?

    2 different Russian snacks
    3 different sweets
    1 mini chocolate

    When we will ship out the box?

    All boxes ship out between the 3-7s of each month

    Choose your Subscription plan:
    1 month - 28$
    3 months - 78$ (26$ per month)

    Price: $28
    Buy it now!
  • Services Overview
    All site prices already include free standard delivery worldwide (at least in 2-3 weeks). If you want to receive your box earlier, please note it in the subscription form and we will recalculate the price for express delivery to your country.
    The payment is made via the well-known and secure PayPal service. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we are ready to discuss an alternative payment method.
    As soon as the box is sent, you will get a tracking number. If you see in the tracking system that the box has come to your country, but your local post office doesn’t confirm it, please contact us. The box will be delivered approximately in 30 days after sending.
    Please double-check your delivery address to avoid the mistakes. We promise to return you the money if you have provided the correct address but the box still didn’t arrive to the proper post office.
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